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A Rare Southern Song Jizhouyao Tea Bowl with Plum Flowers


These roughly potted Jizhou tea bowls embody the Song aesthetic and have always been highly sought after. The body is of conical form and burnt ochre at the foot. The lovely calligraphic design has a lovely freedom to it. It is splashed on in a very painterly way, representing prunus blossom with a sketchily painted moon in the sky above. These Jizhou tea bowls, along with Jian Kiln tea bowls, were of the prized tea ceremony wares among Song literati.


Ex. Tse collection, Montreal; Richie’s Auction, Toronto, June 2008

Diameter: 12.9 cm

Condition: Very good; small rim chip, professionally repaired and almost invisible.

Price; USD $2800; CAD $3600 (HST of 13% applies to all sales in Canada).

A Fine and Rare Indus Valley Terracotta Goddess


This terracotta figure of a seated goddess dates to the early 3rd millennium BCE and comes from the Mergarh region of what is now Pakistan. She has large breasts and the head of a bird. Her hair is decorated with jewels and she wears elaborate necklaces around her neck. These figures clearly served a ritual function, and this one expresses a strange mixture of vulnerability and authority. She may be more dangerous than she looks! These very finely-modelled figures date from relatively early in the Indus Valley civilization; the later, more common examples tend to be much more crudely fashioned.


Height: 10.8 cm.

Condition: Very good. The head has been broken and restuck. There is no new material, which is rare.

Kangxi Mark Vase (Liuye Ping) in a Deep Peachbloom Enamel Glaze

Price on Request

Peach-bloom glaze or apple-red (Jiangdouhong) Liuye ping was an original and major innovation of Jingdezhen ware in the Kangxi Period (1661-1722). The deep red glaze is beautifully applied all over the body, giving way to the white base layer of glaze only at the mouthrim. This small but exquisite vase shows the perfection of Liuye ping: A fine and slender boy sits on a narrow recessed base (white). It has a flared rim, medium-length neck, rounded shoulders and long tapered body that ends in a deep unglazed footring. The glaze flows perfectly to this unglazed foot and has not been ground away, which was frequently required in less well-controlled kiln conditions. The interior of the vase also has a peach bloom glaze. A six character Kangxi mark at the base dates this vase back to 18th century.


Note: A custom-made stand accompanies the vase for display purposes. The legs of the stand are three geese with their long necks stretched upward.


Height: 16.9 cm

Condition: Excellent; just some slight rubbing to the glaze on the upper rim and the body. No cracks or chips.

Late Song Dehua Porcelain Kendi with Floral Design


With a lightly crackled white glaze, this beautiful Dehua porcelain kendi is tending to a light blue Qingbai effect, where it has pooled, over a beautiful white translucent body. It has a long curved spout, a flared rim, and a bulbous body molded with a floral design. These kendis were made mainly for the growing export market in island Southeast Asia. They were used as pouring vessels in Buddhist rituals. This is very early Blanc de Chine, and the porcelain has a lovely softness to it. There is a somewhat similar Kendi in the Princessehof Ceramic Museum in the Netherlands, but this is the only one we know with such a long and elegant spout.


Height: 18 cm.

Condition: Good, minor wear, with a collector’s mark on the base.

Fine Jin or Yuan Dynasty Junyao Jar with Two handles


This is a fine purple-splashed Junyao jar with two small strap handles, Jin or Yuan dynasties, China (C12-13). As expected, it is heavily potted and it has a beautifully thick blue glaze. There is a purple splash to the front with the glaze ending unevenly at the foot and revealing the rich red stoneware body at the base. At the upper rim the glaze has thinned and been altered to a brownish green colour which is also found on the two handles. Ex: I.M. Chait.

Size: diameter 13.5 cm, h: 13.8 cm.

Condition: excellentSize: diameter 7 cm; h: 4.5 cm.

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